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Magimix Le Duo review

Magimix Le Duo
A vegetable juicer seems like an essential piece of equipment for anyone serious about following an alkaline acid diet. I opted for the Magimix Le Duo juicer as my parents have one and it is still juicing 10 years on.

There are a variety of fruit and vegetable juicers on the market today. The two main types are centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicers and masticating vegetable juicers. The Magimix Le Duo is a centrifugal juicer. Check out a Breville centrifugal juicer review if Magimix is not available in your area.

What I love about the Magimix juicer is that it's so easy to assemble that you can skip reading the instruction manual and get straight to the juicing!

The Magimix Le Duo is perfect for small kitchens as it takes up very little space on the work surface. The juice exit spout is about 15 cm above the work top so it's easy to fit a jug underneath. A possible improvement to the Le Duo would be for the dispensing shute to be slightly higher so that a pint glass could fit below. That said, I quite like using a measuring jug so I can check the exact amount of juice that I make.

magimix le duo parts
Adding fruit and vegetables to the Le Duo is done through an opening in the top of the clear plastic lid. You then use a plunger to push your fruit and veg down into the juicer. The opening is a reasonable size. It requires that carrots be chopped in two length ways and apples to be cut into eighths to be able to fit, if you use massive carrots and apples like I do anyway!

The teeth on the Magimix are amazingly efficient at turning solid vegetables into pulp and the centrifugal cylinder sucks out all the juice. Even though the feeder opening on the Magimix isn't huge, the juicer is so powerful that it is literally a matter of seconds to go from solid vegetables to a vitamin packed juice.

Juicing for one person with the Le Duo is pure joy. There's no need to empty the cylinder halfway through which can be the case if you are making a family sided batch.

Even if you do have to empty the cylinder halfway, it's straight forward. Included in the package is a scoop that is the perfect size to remove the majority of the vegetable pulp from the juicer.

magimix le duo cleaning
I had to pay nearly double the price for my Magimix Le Duo juicer buying it in the far east as opposed to the U.S. or U.K. However I feel it was worth it as it allows me to drink quality fruit and vegetable juices every day.

The Magimix Le Duo juicer also comes with a citrus juicer attachment. It's so fast to blast out some squeezed grapefruit juice!

On the down side, the Le Duo doesn't handle green leafy vegetables as well as more solid vegetables. The leafy greens get kind of stuck in the input funnel and it takes a bit of effort to push them through. It is much more suited to making alkaline fruit drinks.

The Magimix Le Duo is the only fruit and vegetable juicer I have ever used and even though it doesn't deal with green leafs as well as I would like, for the foreseeable future it is the only fruit and vegetable juicer I shall be using. If you are following the alkaline acid diet or not, it is a great piece of kitchen equipment. Check out the Magimix Le Duo juicer today! You can read a further Magimix le Duo review on the site the Juice Fiend.

People in the U.S. may have a hard time finding this machine so you may want to consider a Jack LaLanne juicer instead. This is also a centrifugal juicing appliance that works in a similar way to the Magimix model discussed here.

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