Friday, April 10, 2009

Acid diet grapefruit breakfast

Eating grapefruit for breakfast as part of an acid alkaline diet is a refreshing way to start the day. Two grapefruits and a large glass of water perhaps doesn't sound particularly filling but I feel pretty full after putting it away. What's even better is that it is often close to lunch time before I start to feel hungry.

As I aim to eat a more alkaline based diet, eating grapefruit in addition to making juice with vegetables a few times a week for an alkaline breakfast will be an enjoyable way to start the day.

A question you may have when you start to eat a shed load of grapefruit is "What do I do with all the peel?". One option would be to use it in your garden. Now it's not too much use throwing raw peels about the place so one solution would be to use a compost tumbler to help get things into a more nutritious state for the soil.

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