Thursday, April 16, 2009

Acid diet tips

Starting a new diet can be a daunting prospect. Let me be clear, my "diet" has nothing to do with losing weight, I weigh 66kg and am 186cm tall. So could probably be considered under weight. What I want from my alkaline acid diet is to feel healthy and energetic! To feel good about myself.

So here are some tips if you want to start an alkaline acid diet or any other diet for that matter.

Personally the thought of picking a day and deciding my diet will be different from that day forth hasn't worked for me in the past. So when I decided to dabble in the acid alkaline diet I tried a different approach.

Firstly, I decided to work on my breakfast and not worry about changing anything else. For me this approach works really well. Rather than wholesale change I'm taking a much more gradual approach.

For breakfast I am having either:

Grapefruit and a drink of water, or fruit and or vegetable juice made with my Magimix Le Duo juicer and scrambled eggs.

Having the choice of two different breakfasts and further choice in the type of juice I decide to make is keeping my acid alkaline breakfasts interesting.

I still drink coffee throughout the day; drink alcohol (sometimes to excess) occasionally; eat cakes and donuts; eat fatty meat; and probably do a host of other things that aren't particularly healthy.

However taking just one step at a time on the alkaline acid diet is keeping me motivated to continue to improve my health.

Gradual change may be worth considering if you want to improve your diet.

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