Monday, April 6, 2009

alkaline breakfast

The alkaline acid diet is all about reducing the amount of acid producing foods that we eat and increase the amount of alkaline foods in our diets. This is to help us with the pH balance of our bodies. If you want to eat a high alkaline foods diet, hear are some alkaline diet breakfast ideas.

The suggested ratio of food types in this diet seems to be 80/20 - alkaline/acid. The alkaline acid diet is a great diet if you want to feel healthier and more energetic. It could also be used as part of a weight loss plan along with appropriate exercise. It is not specifically a weight loss diet but rather a pH balancing diet to cleanse the body of excess dietary acid which the typical western diet contains.

Focusing on one meal at a time is a great way to test whether you are interested in following a particular eating regimen. This article discusses ways we can change the food we eat in our breakfast diet to eat what we could term an alkaline diet breakfast. Moving away from an acid breakfast is not particularly difficult, it just requires us to ensure that we have fruit and vegetables in our fridge that we can prepare easily in the morning as part of a high alkaline foods diet. Following you will find some specific alkaline diet breakfast ideas.

Even though they are citrus fruits, grapefruits often appear on the alkaline side of alkaline diet food charts and are one alkaline breakfast suggestion. Initially you might think that grapefruits are acidic foods however when we "burn" them, grapefruits leave an alkaline ash. Grapefruits are typically associated with breakfast anyway so it's easy to start, or continue, eating them.

In a quest to find the perfect alkaline breakfast foods I also want to do it while sticking to a tight budget. My aim is to increase my financial health at the same time as my physical well being. So what are the best foods for an alkaline diet breakfast that will satisfy both my stomach and wallet?

Particularly in the summer, eating a couple of grapefruits and drinking a large glass of water is appealing. It's a pretty simple and cheap alkaline breakfast. While you might think that grapefruit would be an acid breakfast, it is not the acidity of the grapefruit that counts, it is the pH of the "ash" in our bodies after we burn, or digest, our food. So these refreshing fruits make perfect alkaline diet breakfast foods.

Living in Japan, another easy alkaline breakfast idea is miso soup with seaweed. Adding some tofu is another way to enjoy miso soup. You can also get miso in the west although it might simply be a little more expensive.

Other alkaline breakfasts include eggs cooked in your favorite way with a side serving of tomatoes or possibly making juice, for example apple and spinach juice may be more to your liking. Many alkaline breakfast foods are available to choose from.

There are various alkaline acid food charts available online advising what are acidic and alkali foods. Sometimes the information is conflicting however we can get a rough idea of what side of the scale foods fall on as we endevor to improve our pH balance and alkalize the body. Looking at these food lists will help you decide what alkaline diet breakfast food to eat.

Changing your diet, starting with your morning meal is an easy step to take. Trying some of the ideas above or making your own decisions based on alkaline acid food chart lists will allow you to have some good tasting, nutritious, alkaline breakfasts.

Once you are happy with your breakfasts you can then consider altering other areas of your diet on your alkaline acid diet journey. For me eating an alkaline diet breakfast sets me up perfectly for the day ahead. Alkalie breakfast foods contain plentiful amounts of energy and nutrition.

I hope the above alkaline breakfast tips are useful.

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