Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Magimix Le Duo ordered

After having my grapefruit, water and protein shake for breakfast I was excited to be on the way to alkalinity. I remembered while at work that years ago I bought my parents a Magimix juicer. So I decided to search the online Japanese shops for a good juicer for myself.

I have seen a few juicers in Japan and compared to the Magimix one I bought my parents they are rubbish. They have a tiny cylinder that revolves and don't have very many "teeth" with which to juice the fruit and vegetables.

As I searched the Rakuten online shop I actually came across a Magimix Le Duo juicer!

Remembering the fun I used to have with my family when we made our juices together with the Magimix Le Duo juicer, I felt compelled to opt for the same one.

After work I went to a nearby electrical store but was very disappointed with the standard of Juicers that they were selling. There was no Magimix in sight. So it was back to the internet to purchase online. It came to just over 31,000 yen.

Up till this stage I was feeling great that I managed to find a juicer I know works well. Then for some reason I decided to go and look at the Magimix website. There I discovered that the juicer I just ordered in Japan costs 87.99 pounds in the UK. That's not much more than half what I paid for my Magimix Le Duo!

I'm hoping that my one has been adjusted to the correct voltage here. Perhaps if I used one from the U.K. I would find that it lacked power.

Even though I may have paid over the odds for my Magimix Le Duo juicer I am looking forward to its arrival. It will certainly help with my alkaline acid diet breakfasts and possibly a whole lot more.

I want to track down some recipes for making juice before my Magimix Le Duo arrives.

Edit: My Magimix Le Duo has arrived. If you are interested in a quality centrifugal juicer the review may interest you.

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