Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alkalizing an acid diet

Alkalizing your diet has many positive health benefits. The standard diet in the West usually has an acidifying effect on our bodies which negatively impacts upon our pH balance. Some of the benefits that we can expect if we alkalize include, feeling more energetic and alert, improved digestion and regular bowel movement as well as better skin condition. It can also help motivate us out of feelings of malaise and give u a more positive outlook.

Anyone interested in alkalizing for health has come to the right place. This site contains plentiful information about the alkaline acid diet. There are many ways we can begin to move towards an improved pH balance as we attempt to alkalize. Eating more healthy foods which have alkali properties, primarily fruit and vegetables, as well as consuming alkaline drinks will help us fight the negative consequences of a typical acid diet.

Green drinks, made from vegetables are a great way to consume many more portions than we would typically eat. I use a Magimix juicer to create my own alkalizing health drinks. I look at the price of my juicer as an investment. Firstly I can now prepare homemade fruit and vegetable drinks for the price of the produce itself and a little effort on my part. Secondly, and possibly more importantly, the Magimix le duo juicer is an investment in my own health. It allows me to have as many alkalizing drinks each day as I care to make.

Even without a fruit and vegetable juicer it is possible to lower the acidity of our diets. Replacing acidic soft drinks with water allows us to improve the body’s pH health. Powdered alkaline green drinks like Supergreens give us the nutrients from a wide range of herbs and plants without having to prepare the vegetables ourselves.

Following the alkaline acid diet can help with weight loss but rather than being a “diet”, the alkaline diet is really just about sensible eating. There are no foods that we are supposed to deny ourselves. Instead we just have to be aware of the alkalizing potential of the foods we eat and drink. Any day where we consume less than five servings of fruit and vegetables will likely overall be an acidifying day.

I try to aim for over ten servings of fruit and vegetables a day. This may sound like a lot but considering an alkalizing juice will contain about five servings, we can see that with a further serving or two at meal times as well as snacking on fruits like apples and bananas throughout the day, it is fairly easy to exceed my target.

If you want to feel better, start alkalizing your diet today.

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