Thursday, July 2, 2009

green alkaline drinks

If you are researching alkaline green drinks or looking for information on green alkaline foods you have come to the right place. The alkaline acid diet promotes pH balance of the body. This is achieved by consuming alkaline foods. A high alkaline foods diet involves consuming alkaline and acid foods in a ratio of 80/20 alkaline to acid. One way to alkalize the body is by eating green alkaline foods and drinking green alkaline drinks. Alkaline greens such as leafy green vegetables have plenty of nutrition and are effective to alkalize the body.

Green leafy vegetables and green plants form a major part of a high alkaline foods diet. If there is an official alkaline diet, I am sure it would advocate the need to consume alkaline greens. Followers of the alkaline diet consume lots of fruit and vegetables every day. The reasons are many. Alkaline greens help improve overall health and well being. Consuming alkaline green drinks can help ward off illness. Scientists have shown that an alkaline diet helps reduce bone loss. Others claim that it can help with serious physical ailments as well as issues such as depression.

Reducing the acid produced in the body from eating an acidic Western diet can help improve athletic performance too. Our general wellness can also be increased through alkalizing the body with green alkaline food and drink. Eating an alkaline diet is mainly about healthy eating. Whereas some crash diets promote severely reducing calories or even using diet pills, the acid alkaline diet advocates awareness of eating healthy alkaline foods that provide the nutritional needs of our body. Green alkaline juices can help in this regard. Wanting to becoming healthier and consuming a high alkaline foods diet can work together with an exercise program suitable to your current fitness levels while moving away from unhealthier habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

What are green alkaline foods?

There are a variety of green alkaline drinks that promote health and well being. Alkaline green drinks whether made from powder or from fresh vegetables have an earthy taste with mildly astringent feeling. Some take to alkaline drinks straight away but for others, alkaline green drinks are something that might take a while to get used to. Regardless of whether you like the taste of green drinks or not, it is hard to argue that they do not help alkalise your body. When Popeye ate his can of spinach the next second he was bulging with muscles. Alkaline green drinks may not have quite that effect but they are effective at improving the pH balance of the body.

InnerLight SuperGreens is a commercial alkaline green drink that comes in powder form. Super Greens alkaline diet was created by Dr. Robert O. Young. The Inner Light alkaline green formula contains forty nine different vegetable, grass and grain products. It is much more than simply alkaline water. InnerLight SuperGreens is quite expensive so may not be for everyone. The ingredients used in this green alkaline drink are organic. Rather than consume an alkaline green drink, there is the option to take Inner Light capsules instead. Green drink is concentrated grasses and greens.

Rather than consuming a manufactured alkaline green drink, as long as you have a vegetable juicer, making your own green alkalizing green juice is possible. I feel that organic green drinks are the best. I love making my own juices and organic vegetables means I am at less risk from chemicals added to enhance longevity of the produce I eat. Simply choose a variety of greens, e.g. spinach, kale, even wheat grass if you have a wheat grass juicer, and get to work. Green superfoods help charge your whole body and improve your outlook throughout the day. If the taste is too much for you adding an apple to your green alkaline juice makes it easier to handle. Alkaline greens help fight the effects of an acid diet.

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